5 Different Concepts of professionalism Assignment Help

As per case study assignment help experts, Professionalism refers to the commitment of an individual to a certain way of life. There are various concepts of professionalism available such as accounting professionalism, construction professionalism, management professionalism, audit professionalism, and medical professionalism. As per the Assignment Help Melbournechanges in business environment, these professionalism are also changed in terms of changing perception of individual towards working in a particular business. Focus attention of individual and involvement of them also changed the concept of professionalism that changed relation of managers to employers, employees, and customers, and introduced a new kind of control over entry into business.

These different types of professionalism are used to control the activities at workplace through assigning tasks to concerned people and submitting report of the tasks. Functionalist and conflict approach differ from each other as functionalist approach supports to the profession as a positive tool for social development and works against the individualism and laissez-faire environment along with supporting collectivism. At the same time our  assignment help Melbourne stated that conflict approach supports the profession as negative or harmful monopolistic oligarchies that aim to control the technology that leads to the meritocracy. So, both approaches are against to each other in terms of application and uses.

Various characteristics of groups are available that typically classified as professions as education level, skill level in specific field, subjective relation of individuals, lifestyle and attitude towards work. These different groups promise to guard the public interest through being socially responsible. In this, by using and applying knowledge and skills different professionalisms promise to protect the public interest in particular profession in terms of serving for social welfare. Additionally, through respecting the society by using competence and commitment to ethical behavior, professionals keep promises to guard public interest in particular profession. For example, ethical and moral of accounting professional maintains public interest over this profession in terms of entering in this profession and having faith over it.

Appropriate behavior and expertise of the professionals also distinguishes different professionalism to each other along with maintaining interest of the public. For example, expertise in medical professionalism ensures the positive public interests in the services and profession of the medical. Through finalizing decisions in concern of public interest through focusing over maximum benefits for the society, construction professionalism promise to guard the public interest. So, effective and appropriate actions ensure to the contribution of different groups to promise to guard the public interest.

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