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Global Strategy and Its Difference from Multi-Domestic Strategy Assignment Help

Global strategy refers to the choice of the company about where to compete in the international market, how to

business assignment help

business assignment help

compete, the target customers, the nature of its value creation and the basis for achieving competitive advantages in international market place. According to the assignment help Melbourne experts, The global strategy is building for the world market in order to operate business in significant manner. The global strategy is different from the multi domestic strategy of the organization. It is identified that multi domestic strategy related to the home market in order to compete and achieve competitive advantage.

In multi domestic strategy, organization more focuses on the local needs and preferences but in the global strategy, company go for the international market and make focus on international needs and wants. In multi domestic strategy, company produces the products for particular country through the local resources. Multi domestic strategy also considers the local R&D activities for innovations. On the other hand, in global strategy, company produce product for global market place in order to consider the global testes and preferences. The global strategy also has centralized control over the activities and innovations that support the organization to approach wide customer base in significant manner.

In global strategy, firm views the world as a single marketplace. On the other hand, in multi domestic strategy, firm establishes a different independent operating subsidiary, which focuses on the particular domestic market in order to fulfill the needs of domestic market.

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