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Market overview:

Company background:
Sanitarium is the food company founded in 1898 mainly produces vegetarian products and breakfast cereals. The

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portfolio of products for the company mainly includes Weetbix, Marmite, Soymilk, UP as well as GO breakfast and whole grain cereals (Sanitarium, 2012). According to the marketing assignment help experts, The main mission of the company is to provide nutritional food in order to improve well being and health of community and also offering easier nutrition information and health advice in practical manner.

Market size:
As per the research conducted by al leading organization, the market of baking mix and cereal food have grossed more than $3bn revenue in the Australian market (Sanitarium, 2012).

Market Structure:

The market of cereals within Australia is of oligopolistic nature at the mature stage of life cycle where Kellogg is the leader in the same business market (Sanitarium, 2012).

Competitor Analysis:
Nutri grain cereals of Kellogg and Uncle Toby are the leading competitors for the company. Kellogg is well renowned brand and have strong household base within Australia (Westwood, 2016). The company’s presence in several countries has given its more distributed range. The company also focused to maintain their environmental as well as social responsibility.

Uncle Toby’s remains strong name in field of cereal market for breakfast within the Australian households (Melchiorre and Johnson, 2017). The manufacturing operations of company are based on local conditions of Australia which mainly focused to enhance relationships with the customers.


The segmentation for cereal market is done in four segments which includes Sweet-Tooths, Body watchers, Energy Junkies and Healthies. Healthies are interested in most nutritional cereals in order to improve well being of community (McDonald and Wilson, 2016). Sweet Tooth segment have best taste and demographic mainly describes children of age group from five to twelve. Body watchers mainly involve women who are more conscious to their image. Energy Junkies enjoy healthy lifestyle including exercise and sports.

SWOT analysis:
This is one of the most favourite cereals for Australia and only brand which represents Soccer team of the country with its brand.

The products of the company are not so delicious and tasty as compared to their competitors in the cereals market (Sanitarium, 2012).

Increased demand and awareness towards healthy eating has opened more paths for the company (Sanitarium, 2012).

More competitive brands, more substitution for cereals within market, or cheaper home based cereals have become serious problems for the company (Culley et al, 2017).

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